EMF Radiation

EMF Protection For Mobile Phones

Since you are here reading this I assume you already know that cell phones can emit potentially harmful EMFs. Some people are more sensitive to these effects than others but either way you should consider buying some kind of protection. Luckily these days you can find a ton of different options from cases, stickers, pouches, shields, Faraday bags and more.

Your exposure also depends how often you use your phone and what you use your cell phone for. Someone who is constantly talking on their cell phone is exposing the side of their face and head to the potential dangers. If this sounds like you, you could consider talking on your cell phone less but that isn’t always an option for everyone especially those people who are on it for work. You can consider using speaker phone and leaving your phone on your desk or table or something like that. If that isn’t an option then you can consider buying air tube headsets which significantly reduce exposure over traditional wired headphones. While bluetooth and wireless earbuds like Apple’s airpods are exploding in popularity right now and are very convenient you should avoid these too. Even my mom who is in her 60s just bought a pair of these, she is not an EMF believer.

If you are looking for completely block signals and block potential hackers there are many good Faraday bags for cell phones on the market. Remember though Faraday bags completely block the signal so you won’t get any phone calls while your phone is inside your bag. If you are travelling through places like airports these bags are a great idea because this is a popular place for hackers to hang out and prey on the vulnerable. The great thing about Faraday bags is that they protect you from EMFs too.

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