EMF Radiation

EMF Radiation

Best Cell Phone EMF Protection

Your cell phone emits a ton of harmful EMF radiation. And it is likely on you or next to you at all times, even when you sleep. This is why it is so important to protect yourself from electromagnetic waves with the best EMF cell phone protection products and tips. Electromagnetic radiation from your iphone and other smart phones can be reduced by using EMF blocking products. Radiation exposure can be reduced with radiation stickers, a phone case, air tube headphones and more.

By using the following three cell phone EMF protection tools, you reduce your exposure to harmful radiation while still having the convenience of your smartphone on you.

Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Cases

There are several reputable brands of lab tested EMF cell phone cases, designed for either apple or android, that significantly reduce the electromagnetic frequency radiation you are exposed to.

They use shielding technology to block radiofrequency radiation (RF) which comes from 5G, Wifi, Cellular data and Extremely low frequency radiation (ELF) that comes from your cell battery, or AC power.

You need a case anyway, to protect from cracks, water and damage so why not use one that protects you as well?

best air tube headphonesAir Tube Headphones

The best anti radiation air tube headphones offer 99% EMF radiation protection when compared to a Bluetooth headset, wireless headphones or wired headphones. By using an air tube headset with a microphone you can talk on your cell phone without worrying about your EMF exposure

Air tube headsets also keep you body protected from radiation because the wires are covered in a shielding material.

Video Explaining What Air Tube Headphones Are

If you haven’t heard about air tube headphones before here is a great video explaining how air tube headphones work and how they offer EMF protection.

EMF Protection Radiation Stickers

Another way you can block EMF’s from your phone is to use EMF stickers. These can be used on their own or in addition to your EMF phone case.

An anti radiation sticker is really easy to use, simply put the sticker on the back of your mobile phone.

Radiation stickers are made up of a combination of metals, some are made of gold or Shungite, some have multi neutralizing layers. These metals absorb or deflect EMF radiation. Some release negative ions to neutralize the harmful positive ions emitted by your cellphone.

Easy Ways to Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation From Cell Phones

EMF protectionThe easiest way to completely protect yourself from RF and ELF radiation from your mobile phone is to stop using one. For most of us, that’s pretty impossible. Kudos to you, if you can do it!

If you’re not ready to ditch the cell phone, then here are a few ways you can at least protect yourself. Some involve changing your cell phone user habits.

Given what we know about the harmful radiation, and the possible short-term and long-term effects it can have on you, I think it’s worth taking steps to reduce your exposure.

1. Use it at a Distance

Even the cell phone companies advise you not to hold your phone too close to your head. So when you’re on a call, put it on speakerphone when you can. If you can’t use the speaker then take the call through your headset.

Don’t keep it in your bra or jeans pocket while it’s in use. There are growing concerns to the health of the specific regions people keep their mobile phones. Don’t do it. These are delicate reproductive organs you’re keeping a device giving off radiation very close to.

If you have to have your phone in your pocket then keep it on airplane mode or better yet carry it in a purse, backpack, satchel, any kind of bag or place it on a table at a distance.

2. Use Your Phone Less

The more you use your cell phone, the more radiation you are absorbing. One of the best things you can do for your health and those around you is to just use it less.

I believe that this will have a positive impact on all aspects of your life but that’s just my opinion. It may be hard, but it’s something to work towards a little bit every day.

3. Use Airplane Mode at Night

Ideally you should have your phone far from you while you’re sleeping. Sleep is a time your body heals, your cells regenerate, it’s crucial to your health. And yet so many people sleep with their phone right next to them emitting harmful radiation right next to their head at such a crucial time.

If you must have your cell on you at night, put it in airplane mode. This at least eliminates the RF radiation – no Wifi access, Cellular data, or 5G as your phone will no longer be pinging for a signal.

4. Don’t Use Your Phone When the Signal is Low

When your smartphone’s signal is low it uses more energy, working harder to get a signal and actually emits more radiation than usual.

Don’t use your phone when you’re somewhere with poor reception. If your mobile phone has two bars or less, it is emitting higher RF to connect to the closest cell tower.

If you must use your phone and you’re in a place with a poor signal, send a text or quick voice message on speakerphone instead.

5. Don’t Use Your Cell While it is Charging

When your phone is charging, it can give off significantly higher EMF levels (like 10x higher). If you are holding your phone, you act as a conductor for the electricity as well so ELF radiation is going right into your body.

6. Don’t Use Your Phone if Your Battery is Low

Just like when your iphone is charging, your cell emits higher electromagnetic radiation when the battery is low. Your phone has to work harder, increasing its signal power and energy use.

7. Take Advantage of Offline Use

If you’re going to use your phone to stream movies or shows, podcasts, Spotify, etc. then download your media or videos first. You can do this while at a distance and then watch or listen to them in airplane mode.

When streaming, your phone requires a constant connection and data use, meaning the RF radiation is incredibly high. And most of us do this with our phones right in our faces. 

I’m not saying stop. I love podcasts and Netflix. Just do it in a safer way.

8. Keep Children Away from Cellphones

cell phone EMF radiation kidsLastly, but very very importantly is to just not let children or toddlers use your cell phone. Children have thinner skulls than adults, which allows radiation to penetrate their skulls more easily.

EMF radiation is harmful to adults, and we still don’t know the full effects that radiation has and will have on us. The effects on kids’ and toddlers’ smaller bodies is worse. Plus the prolonged use into their adulthood is unknown.
The best thing for them is just to keep them away from smartphones.

Are Electromagnetic Waves From Cell Phones Actually Harmful?

In short, yes. They have been proven to emit harmful EMF radiation. The World Health Organization has listed mobile phone radiation as a possible cause of cancer.

Over 250 scientists from around the globe signed a petition to create more awareness of the dangers of cell phone radiation, especially given the constant use and exposure to them by adults, teens, and even children.

Numerous lawsuits have been filed against Apple and Samsung for their role in failing to protect and inform their smartphone users.

Action Steps You Should Take – Reducing Cell Phone EMF Radiation

I hope you found the strategies in this article helpful and motivating to get you reducing your cell phone EMF exposure.

Just to sum up the best EMF protection for mobile phones, start by getting yourself an EMF cell phone case, air tube headphones and some EMF stickers.

Then take action in changing your cell phone habits. Use airplane mode all the time. Remember distance, duration, and download and don’t forget to keep them away from your kids.

EMF Radiation

EMF Protection For Mobile Phones

Since you are here reading this I assume you already know that cell phones can emit potentially harmful EMFs. Some people are more sensitive to these effects than others but either way you should consider buying some kind of protection. Luckily these days you can find a ton of different options from cases, stickers, pouches, shields, Faraday bags and more.

Your exposure also depends how often you use your phone and what you use your cell phone for. Someone who is constantly talking on their cell phone is exposing the side of their face and head to the potential dangers. If this sounds like you, you could consider talking on your cell phone less but that isn’t always an option for everyone especially those people who are on it for work. You can consider using speaker phone and leaving your phone on your desk or table or something like that. If that isn’t an option then you can consider buying air tube headsets which significantly reduce exposure over traditional wired headphones. While bluetooth and wireless earbuds like Apple’s airpods are exploding in popularity right now and are very convenient you should avoid these too. Even my mom who is in her 60s just bought a pair of these, she is not an EMF believer.

If you are looking for completely block signals and block potential hackers there are many good Faraday bags for cell phones on the market. Remember though Faraday bags completely block the signal so you won’t get any phone calls while your phone is inside your bag. If you are travelling through places like airports these bags are a great idea because this is a popular place for hackers to hang out and prey on the vulnerable. The great thing about Faraday bags is that they protect you from EMFs too.