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Walter Paley @nukonawalt

active 3 months, 4 weeks ago
  • Love it. How about:

    BYOG = Bring Your Own Gravity
    BYOoOoOo = Bring Your Own Yodeler
    BYOYB = Bring Your Own Palindrome

    - Walt

  • Not only do the Patriots kickslide their way to an early exit, but I score a classic Winthrop blog post out of it too? A true two-fer.

  • Good stuff, Benjamin. I think the key point that usually gets glossed over is the need to maximize the production from your people. Lots of folks get hung up on your points at the top of the piece – do you really get an extra 460 hours annually from your employees? How much should we [...]

  • Across the board, my answer is YES. Even the smallest of SMBs can benefit from internal apps. They don’t have to be custom, there are plenty of great mobile business apps. The one-man-shop selling stuff on eBay in his sweatpants from his basement can probably see increased efficiency if he can pull up all of [...]

  • Walter Paley from consultant commented on the blog post 2012 Enterprise Mobility Wish List · View

    I have often dreamed about #1 and #7… Connectivity everywhere, just because it makes sense… and built in projectors, because it would just be awesome!

    Matt, I hope you were a good boy this year, so Santa brings everything on your list. Great stuff!

    - Walt

  • In 2013, I challenge you to completely eschew mobility!!!

    Landlines, fax machines, and desktop PC’s only. Not even allowed to have a pager. :-)

    I theorize that it would be even more difficult than mobile-only has been. What do you think, Benjamin?

    - Walt

  • Always thought-provoking, Philippe! An interesting spin on Brian Katz’s anthem. Good comment above by Brian Duckering (how are ya, Brian??) and I’ll throw in my 2 cents as well. To echo Duckering, MDM began to mature, but never really completed because BYOD swooped onto the scene and attracted all the attention. In the BYOD case, [...]

  • Let’s not be unrealistic – even for those of us who are Mobile Mavens (I’m looking squarely at you, Benjamin), the idea of a fully functional Excel on a smartphone sounds daunting. All of those tiny cells, waiting for me to graze them on the touch screen and accidentally delete crucial information with an errant [...]

  • Couldn’t agree more, Philippe. We are on the fast track merging mobility with legacy computing. Our operating systems are sharing features and will converge soon enough. Devices that plug in and stay in one location permanently are…. well, usually laptops that are nearly obsolete and the battery is failing. The Chief Mobility Officer is a [...]

  • Walter Paley from consultant commented on the blog post What is Mobile? · View

    Benjamin, that’s why I am often accused of being an Apple fanboy. I’m not really… I just love an ecosystem that truly works well together. Like the synergy among OSX and iOS devices, a high quality mobility strategy moves in unison. You nailed it here, and it’s why I often harp on the role of [...]

  • I think the development cycle will fall back into a more traditional Apple annual refresh rate… which will of course invite criticism from the folks who are loving the quick turnover at this announcement! The fragmentation (if we must call it that… much different when it’s features that are varying than operating systems) will also [...]

  • Mobility is still a double-edged sword as it evolves. Downside is that we are still working towards getting all the right tools, working together, to be as efficient as on a PC. Upside? We already are nearly as efficient and we achieve that level everywhere we go. I literally don’t leave the house without my [...]

  • Walter Paley from consultant commented on the blog post The Mobile Productivity Plateau · View

    Great stuff, Benjamin. I love that conversation: “Really? You were at work for 14 hours? How much of that time did you actually work?” What I like about mobile productivity is that I can accomplish my work whenever/wherever it is most efficient. I’m like an On-Demand movie. If I need to drive across town, I’m [...]

  • Walter Paley from consultant wrote a new blog post: Give Us Your Best · View

    I was comparing notes with a colleague at a Fortune 500 company and discussing their mobile situation. Surprise, surprise. To their credit, employees were issued corporate-owned iPhones and the vast majority of employees (one estimate was upwards of 90%) had ported their number to the corporate phone and had cancelled their personal account. Such is [...]

  • Walter Paley from consultant wrote a new blog post: Undisputed: Data is King · View

    I’ve been distracted. I know all three of my readers have been waiting on pins and needles for my next blog post… but all three of you also know that my day job is with a start up company that is in the process of being acquired. My role requires me to be agile, moving [...]

  • Walter Paley from consultant wrote a new blog post: The Landscape Has Changed · View

    Something major happened this week, and if you’re reading this blog, then you know what it is. I debated whether or not to post on it today or whether to post anything at all today. Maybe I should have let the dust settle. I’m sure you understand that I can’t really delve deeply into it [...]

  • ThumbnailI read something the other day that I had to go back and review. “Most of the organizations we’ve spoken to really don’t calculate the cost of how much time users spend helping users supporting themselves. Now you’re spending two of your highly priced resources trying to figure out a problem that someone on the help desk [...]

  • Loving this. I went mobile only for a few months last year and I noticed my work habits changed significantly… One of the most interesting was that although I was always connected, I spent less total screen time – I became much more efficient with my productivity. Are you finding the same to be true?

  • The timing couldn’t be better, really. While I spent a great deal of time recently working with content management and applied security policies, Apple made the meat of their announcement today discussing how well the next generation iPad will produce and display creative content. By doubling the effective resolution of the screen, Apple has embraced [...]

  • Walter Paley from consultant commented on the blog post Two BYOD Discussions…One Theme · View

    I wish I could have made this panel… all the buzz afterwards indicated that it had lived up to the hype! Definitely a move in the right direction as IT pro’s are no longer insisting that CoIT doesn’t offer a competitive edge. Now if we can reinforce the notion that it doesn’t matter who owns [...]

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