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Author Archives: Philippe Winthrop

BYOD vs COPE: Pick Your Poison

There have been countless blog posts, webinars, white papers and articles discussing the merits of implementing a BYOD strategy.  I for one have created my fair share of content with a (shockingly) contradictory opinion.  As many have pointed out, there was a court ruling earlier this week in the State of California that will force [...]

Putting The Excellence Back in Mobile Centers of Excellence

I’ve been meeting with a bunch of companies over the last few weeks.  One company was evaluating whether they should evaluate a BYOD strategy.  You read that correctly.  They were evaluating an evaluation.  Maybe they should set up a meeting to set up a meeting for that initial evaluation   Another company I met with [...]

In Mobile, It’s The Little Things That Really Count

There’s an interesting phenomenon that I have been witnessing of late.  The more I talk to companies, the more I see how they are challenged – dare I say intimidated – by what they see as the daunting task of mobilizing their workplace.  Now mind you, I often tell people that mobility is in fact [...]

The Next Imminent Threat of BYOD

There are two truths in enterprise mobility – at least as far as I am concerned.  The first truth of enterprise mobility is that BYOD is an absolutely unstoppable force.  The second truth is that I will not stop complaining about BYOD until the world agrees with me.  Yes.  I am THAT stubborn. Sure, I [...]

Can Someone Please Explain To Me The Real Value of Mobile Containerization?

Good G*d.  It’s been ages since I have written anything here.  Candidly, my professional and personal lives have been chaotic and are only going to get more so.  Oh well…this is what most people call good problems.  In any case, let me cut to the chase.  I want to talk today about mobile containerization.  While [...]

Enterprise Mobility Has Become A Song By Queen

Another Mobile World Congress…another piece of big news in enterprise mobility.  In 2013, AirWatch announced an absolutely enormous “A” round of funding.  This morning, venerable EMM vendor Good announced that it had (finally) acquired its long time partner BoxTone.  I don’t need to spend any time talking about the merits of this deal, because my [...]

Dear Mobile, You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Enterprise mobility has come a long way over the last 10 years.  The conversation started around the device options and then spent far too long ruminating on the pros and cons of mobile device management.  For better or for worse, the conversation is still heavily focused on enterprise mobility management and the dead horse that [...]

If BYOD and Mobility Are Everywhere, Do They Matter?

Hello from the frozen tundra of Boston.  Because I am shivering here, I will try to keep this brief and pithy.  So you all know that I have been on two primary kicks/themes for some time now.  The first is that I hate the term BYOD.  Actually, it’s not that I hate the term BYOD [...]

My Un-Prediction for Enterprise Mobility in 2014

Some might call me a creature of habit.  In one respect, I can see why.  Now, while I may not be as bad as Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, I have been doing the exact same thing on the first business day of the new year for at least the past five years.  I [...]

Reflecting on Enterprise Mobility in 2013

I’ll admit to you that I was thinking about giving this missive a radically different title.  In fact, my initial thoughts were along the lines of “Don’t Ever Read Anything About Enterprise Mobility Here Ever Again.”  Yes, I was that afraid of reading the Five Predictions For Enterprise Mobility in 2013 fearing that I was [...]