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If BYOD and Mobility Are Everywhere, Do They Matter?

Hello from the frozen tundra of Boston.  Because I am shivering here, I will try to keep this brief and pithy.  So you all know that I have been on two primary kicks/themes for some time now.  The first is that I hate the term BYOD.  Actually, it’s not that I hate the term BYOD per se, but rather how much it has been used and – especially – abused over the past few years.  When you have WLAN providers talk about how their networks are BYOD ready, that’s just plain dumb.  What’s even more dumb is when you have companies talking about developing apps for a BYOD world.  That’s wicked dumb (to use some Boston vernacular).

But that’s not the second theme I have been ruminating on for some time.  The second theme I have been thinking about is the fact that enterprise mobility is dead.  Yup – I said it.  It’s dead.  Gone.  Buh Bye.  OK, it’s not REALLY gone….it’s in fact anything BUT gone…it’s everywhere.  So if it’s everywhere, why bother talking about it explicitly?  Doesn’t its pervasiveness almost make it extinct?  Hmm – that may almost warrant a philosophical dissertation….but maybe I digress.

That said, I could make the same argument of pervasiveness equating itself to extinction for BYOD…

And hence the rub.  If it’s everywhere, and everyone is talking about it, and it’s not like it’s a new issue (maybe like a Flu virus) maybe it’s just the new normal.  Maybe BYOD and Mobility are the new normal and we should just get over it.

OK, so my un-prediction for 2014 was that there was not going to be anything meaningfully new happening this year in the world of mobility.  That doesn’t mean there won’t however be advances and adoption.  See, it’s all about maturity.  We’re getting to the point that the advances in Mobility are more evolutionary than revolutionary.  And that’s OK.

There actually is a reason why we still need to talk about BYOD (as much as I hate it) and enterprise mobility in general,  See, BYOD is the “blah blah” term for heterogeneous/cross-platform environments…and that is a real issue to have to handle in enterprise IT.  BYOD is a “blah blah” term that means “one size does NOT fit all….and that’s not just OK, but a good thing.”

BYOD may in fact be a “blah blah” term that means it’s all about what I want and need to accomplish the task I need to take care of – regardless of whether it is for work or my personal life. BYOD sure is easier to type out than WIWANTATTINTTCO-ROWIIFWOMPL.

OK, maybe I did just become a fan of BYOD…if only because it’s a lot shorter than its alternative.

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  1. Posted January 30, 2014 at 02:39 | Permalink

    I really liked the mention “advances in Mobility are more evolutionary than revolutionary”. Very true!
    Infact, even I wonder why do people say that mobility is the future. It’s present. The contemporary evolution.

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