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The Definitive Guide To All Things MxM

I just got back from having lunch with my good friend and fellow EMF member Swarna Podila.  Soon after I offered to the world The Definitive Guide to All Things BYOx, she made the very astute suggestion via Twitter that there should be the equivalent for MxM – you know…the OTHER potential alphabet soup of enterprise mobility.  My response to her last week was that we should create this Definitive Guide when we got together for lunch.

As such, here are the fruits of our labors.  Twenty-six versions of MxM:

  • MAM – Mobile Application Management
  • MBM – Mobile Business Management
  • MCM – Mobile Content Management
  • MDM -Mobile Device Management
  • MEM -Mobile Enterprise Management (for those who can’t stomach saying Enterprise Mobility Management)
  • MFM – Mobile Facebook Management (the alternative idea we came up with is not something I can write here)
  • MGM – Mobile Group Management (Sure, there’s another MGM, but that doesn’t count in the enterprise world)
  • MHM – Mobile Help Desk Management or Mobile Healthcare Management
  • MIM – Mobile Information Management or Mobile Identity Management
  • MJM – Mobile Jargon Management
  • MKM – Mobile Kerberos Management (admittedly, we struggled with this one)
  • MLM – Mobile Lifecycle Management
  • MMM – Mobile Media Management
  • MnM – Come on….they’re yummy!
  • MOM – Mobile Operations Management
  • MPM – Mobile Platform Management
  • MQM – Mobile Query Management (we are open to alternatives here)
  • MRM – Mobile Risk Management
  • MSM – Mobile Security Management or Mobile Service Management
  • MTM – Mobile Threat Management
  • MUM – Mobile User Management (either that or Mobile Unicorn Management)
  • MVM – Mobile Voldemort Management
  • MWM – Mobile Whatever Management
  • MxM – Should be self explanatory, as that’s the whole point of this exercise!!!!
  • MYM – Mobile Yellow #2 pencil Management (again, we struggled with this one, so we went back to the well)
  • MZM – We had nothing here

So there you have it.  Twenty-six….ok, almost 26 ways you can use the MxM terminology framework.  Obviously, some of the terms are already in the lexicon, but should any of the others take off, you know where you saw them first!  All joking aside, please help Swarna and me complete the ones that are obviously poor with terms that could one day become part of the enterprise mobility lexicon.


  1. Posted March 19, 2013 at 05:51 | Permalink

    This is excellent brainstorming. Hope you guys had a productive lunch. Like the alternative idea of MFM :)

    Few more:
    MDM: Mobile Data Management
    MNM: Mobile Network Management
    MPM: Mobile Process Management

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  2. Posted March 19, 2013 at 23:49 | Permalink

    Good discussion and market dissection. Of course what matters most is how users understand and apply what the market provides. 90% of IT spending going forward will be tied to Mobility aka 3rd platform of IT. Today, this accounts for 22% IT spending per @IDCmobility. Details of what customers are using in a new IDC report linked here – http://bit.ly/XQP0Bm

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