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Reflecting On Enterprise Mobility in 2012

I must admit that I have been procrastinating on writing this particular post.  In fact, I have been procrastinating for weeks on this.  I had wanted to do it at the end of the year, but stuff happened.  Then, I wanted to do it at the very beginning of the year…and guess what?  Stuff happened.  Yesterday, my absolutely beloved New England Patriots played so poorly during the AFC Championship (for those of you who don’t follow American Football – this gets you to the Super Bowl) that I was literally speechless throughout.  If only I could turn back time.  It’s time to pull off the band-aid and just take my medicine.

Today, I will finally look back at my predictions for 2012 and see if I had anything accurate or intelligent to share in December 2011 (Gulp!).  Here they are:

  1. 2012 Will Be The Year Of Mobile Application Management
  2. Mobile Security Evolves Into Mobile Risk Management
  3. Enterprise Mobility Will Force Google To Reduce Android Fragmentation
  4. Enterprise Cloud And Enterprise Mobility Become One With Hybrid Apps
  5. Enterprise Mobility Begins Its Transformation Into Enterprise IT

So let’s go over them point by point:

  • Prediction #1 – I think I was dead on.  In 2012, it seemed (at least to me) that all we heard about what BYOD and MAM as opposed to BYOD and MDM.  Just look at all the articles in the press and the webinars that were available to hear how MAM became so important in 2012.  That’s a wonderful thing as far as I am concerned, because you most certainly do need more than just MDM to manage mobility in the workplace.   Just be careful and don’t assume it’s MDM vs. MAM – you need both.
  • Prediction #2 – Menh.  I’m going to have to say I was not right about this one….just yet.  On a good day, I may have gotten this 1/2 right – and actually, it ties back to the rise of MAM.  The MAM folks will talk about needing to secure your apps and corporate data as opposed to the device, because that’s what matters – the apps and data – so ya, of course you need security.  But why?  To protect or prevent data loss.  What happens when you have a data loss incident?  Big problems, including some bad press (sometimes) and some nasty fines (a lot of times) These are risks that can be mitigated and managed and hence why I suggested that security matures into risk management.  Some do talk about this, but most don’t yet. Oh, well.
  • Prediction #3 – Absolutely, unequivocally, and completely got this one wrong.  Thanks Google.  Thanks for making me look so smart.  There were some minor places where Google did start enforcing more regulated approaches (I think that included some guidelines on the look and feel of apps), but nothing more.  Google doesn’t seem to care if its mobile platform is completely fragmented and hence causing real issues in the enterprise.  I guess from their perspective, why should they, when they are selling about 1 million devices per day?
  • Prediction #4 – Again, I’m going to have to say Menh.  I thought this one was a no-brainer, but is it me or did many of the conversations around native vs. HTML5 vs. hybrid apps dissipate over 2012?  As much as I am passionate about all facets of enterprise mobility, this whole debate became a little too esoteric for me….is that why I missed it in 2012?
  • Prediction #5 – Ya….I think I am going to have to give myself this one….and the key was the caveat of the word “begins.”  I never suggested that enterprise mobility and enterprise IT were going to become one in 2012, but certainly that we were going to start down that road.  Have we?  Absolutely.  Is it as far as I would have expected?….menh.  The point is, it is happening….it will continue to happen and some day, it will be completed.

So how did I do?  There’s no glass half full today because the Super Bowl got cancelled (at least in New England).  Two right, one completely wrong and two 50/50.  That’s a 60% score…a D-…which is exactly what I got last year.  Eeesh…


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    Not only do the Patriots kickslide their way to an early exit, but I score a classic Winthrop blog post out of it too? A true two-fer.

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