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If You Needed a New Computer, What Would you Buy?

Mobile Only: Week 43

Benjamin Robbins, an EMF member, is spending the next year working solely from a single mobile device. Each week he shares his thoughts and experience with us on what it means to be mobile-only.

Headline: Christmas Day 2012 Smartphone And Tablet Activations Top 17.4M, 2.5X The Record Set In 2011. I couldn’t turn my head anywhere today without coming across remarkable headlines like this. For the heck of it I did a news search on PC Sales. Not much of anything came up except some misses expectations of a PC maker looking to blame others. Since many of you are on vacation this week (myself included), I thought I throw out a thought experiment this week instead of a long post.

Given all the recent spectacular sales numbers for tablets and the dismal news on the PC side, if you needed a new computer today what would you buy and why? Would you pause to consider ditching a PC (much in the same way the majority of American homes have now ditched landlines)? Do you feel we are at a turning point in which once older PCs start to die off you’ll finally make the jump to mobile-only? Is that big monitor(s) sitting on your desk the one thing keeping you tied to the PC? How much longer will you continue to buy PCs? Post a comment and let me know.

Hope you have a safe and happy New Year!

Benjamin Robbins is co-founder and Principal at Palador, a firm that focuses on providing strategic guidance to enterprises in the areas of mobility, apps, and data. You can follow him on Twitter. Mr. Robbins resides in Seattle and blogs regularly at

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  1. Posted December 28, 2012 at 15:28 | Permalink

    I would buy either the Lenovo Carbon X1 or the T430S depending on whether I decided I needed an on board DVD drive. But given that I have a portable one, probably the X1. Brilliant device. First class, and would probably run Win7 for the near term.

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