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Recapping The 2011 Enterprise Mobility Boot Camp

Hello from beautiful San Diego where CTIA is kicking off its Enterprise and Apps show today.  Yesterday, the Enterprise Mobility Foundation held its second annual Enterprise Mobility Boot Camp during the pre-conference day.  Let me start off by saying it was an absolutely surreal experience.

We had planned on having 130 seats available….and we even printed out 150 copies of our workbook, just in case more people might decide to stop by.  About 30 minutes into the session, the room was standing room only.  We got the good folks at the convention center to get some more chairs.  An hour after that, we had to ask for even more chairs because those were all taken.  The convention center actually denied our request for more chairs because at 170-180 people, we were at or above the what the fire codes would allow for that room.  170-180 people in attendance….that is more than double what we had last year!!!

It was six intense hours of talking and networking about enterprise mobility.

  • I started off with a presentation around the state of the industry.  My main theme during that session was that, although the rate of change in mobility is frenetic and unwieldy, you have to understand that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  While (enterprise) mobility may be the Wild Wild West, we are still dealing with many of the same issues we have always dealt with…including inventory and asset management, as well as device and application management.  The cloud hype?  Welcome back to the times when we use VAX systems from Digital Equipment Corporation via VT100 terminals.
  • The second session was on security and mobile risk management.  Aaron Turner did an amazing job presenting.  I’m also pretty sure he scared the bejeezus (how do you actually spell that word?) out of the audience with all the things that can be done on mobile devices in a matter of minutes.
  • We then got in to the vendor pitch fest.  Eight different vendors presented in 8 minutes or less what they were about.  However, they had to do it by explaining a customer business challenge and show how their solution had helped address the issue.  A lot of vendors came back to me and said that the 8 minutes made it a pretty intense experience. (It’s good to keep them on their toes)
  • My dear friend and EMF Advisory Board member Steve Brumer, then led a great speed networking session where people got to meet each other and learn about why they were attending the event.  As usual, he did an amazing job getting people to move around the crowded room.
  • I came back to do a quick session on mobile application strategies, where I talked about the key considerations in developing, deploying, managing, securing and monitoring both internal and external apps that organizations may be considering for their workplace.
  • We ended the day with an end-user panel moderated by Lynette Luna, FierceMobileIT’s editor.  She did a great job with the panel and we got a TON of questions from the audience so they could learn more from the panelists’ experience in deploying and managing mobility solutions in their unique industries.

We finished the day by raffling off a 64 GB BlackBerry Playbook to one lucky attendee.  The look on his face was priceless.  He was so excited to have won that tablet (thanks RIM for having provided it for us!)

After all that, we had a phenomenal turnout to the cocktail reception that was sponsored by Good Technology.  I think we all needed a drink after such an intense day!!!

And that was the end of the second annual enterprise mobility boot camp.  A very special thanks to all the vendors who sponsored the event.  I look forward to doing it again next year at the Fall CTIA which will be taking place once again in San Diego.  Last year, when I suggested we keep the discussions and networking going on the EMF site…we were only a community of ~800 people.  Today, we’re north of 3,000 and growing daily…so let’s keep the momentum going and growing!

PS:  All the slides from the event will be posted later this week, so stay tuned!

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    Congratulations on the fantastic turnout for the Enterprise Mobility Bootcamp. Kudos to you and to all the partners and sponsors who took part in the event. I think you might be onto something here :)

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